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Gary Sole – Holdin on

Gary Sole – Holdin on

An emotional funk ballad with horns, bass, drums and a bit a guitar.

Read more about Gary Soul at the Rare Funk On 45 online museum.


The Bar-Kays

The Bar-Kays have been active since 1966 and still are. The Bar-Kays. They have played on many famous albums for Stax Records and became Otis Redding’s backingband.

They might not be appreciated or known as much as they should be.

Do you know where the nearest record store is? Go and buy a record there.

Here is a playlist of The Bar-Kays:



Blaxploitation playlist

Blaxploitation was a genre of film in the 1970’s. The film itself often wasn’t much to look at, but the soundtracks made up for it.

The songs off those soundtracks range in intensity, tempo, mood and quality. Quite a lot are instrumental songs. these were probably written for a certain movie scene. This stuff is raw.